We're getting ready for another season of great tasting veggies!



Where has the time gone?!

010 048 065 044 041 003 007Here are some pictures from the last couple of months. It has been very busy and I haven’t had much time to post here much. The last photo is of our 7th week CSA share (of 23 weeks).  It was the first time we dug new potatoes – about a full month later than usual! The potato beetle is giving us some serious grief this year but we are not spraying the one organically approve pesticide because it is very harmful to bees. Here’s hoping the pressure lets up soon!


Generally however the season is off to a great start. The hops are looking great. Most of the garden is coming along very well. And the market and CSA has been very good. Every year teaches us some lessons and this years lesson  – wait, wasn’t this last year’s lesson too? – well, anyway, this year’s lesson for sure is that you can’t count on mother nature to rain when you want it to and you should not skimp on the fertility management. The one trouble we are having this year is that we planted a fair bit of our early garden on ground that we had used last season. It hadn’t been amended with manure or a cover crop but I thought it would be ok provided we took care of the NPK with our organically acceptable imputs (crab meal, and some mined minerals).  Well I was wrong! Things did not grow as they should have and  so we didn’t have the bumper crop we could have had, for the weather in general has been very good so far. Well, chalk that one up to living and learning. The late garden is looking good and we have just a few more plantings left for the season.

Finally, one cool thing we are doing this year is growing strawberries. Last Thursday we received our shipment of strawberry tips from a Quebec nursery.  We have put them in 72 cell flats to root and have kept them as moist and cool as possible since then (not easy since it has been sunny and hot!).  Hopefully they will root soon and then we will transplant them into the garden for an extra early harvest next spring. It will be the first time growing strawberries and we are very excited.